TimeRink 1 (Court 11/12)RefsMatchRecords
17:00 (Grand Finals) UH Misfits vs Smurfs AB GK  
17:40 (Finals 2) Chickens vs The Miramafia CCr JM  
18:20 (Finals 2) CAKE vs Team Bob CMu JBe  
19:00 (Finals) Ex Brain Donors vs Panther Dev. Squad HG DS  
19:40 (Grand Finals) Pink Panthers vs The Captains BMu MH  
20:20 (Grand Finals) Flying Lizards vs Relegation APa DS  
TimeRink 2 (Court 9/10)RefsMatchRecords
17:00 (Grand Finals) Dukes of Hazard vs Dragons & Lasers MS PMa  
17:40 (Finals 2) Northland Knockouts vs Reboots AB CB  
18:20 (Finals) Puffers vs The Flying Sprockets BMu JE CWa to Shadow
19:00 (Grand Finals) Narcissticks vs Unite BSo SSu  
19:40 (Grand Finals) Scotts and Co vs Young Pink Panthers MT MS  
TimeRink 3 (Court 5/6)RefsMatchRecords
17:00 (Finals 2) Anti inflammatory vs Blues Clues BSo CMa  
17:40 (Finals 2) Guess Who vs Ex-ks CF MBe  
18:20 (Finals) Mad Thrashers vs Navy Sealz BSo JC  
19:00 (Grand Finals) The Flicks vs Power&Co CMa GK  
19:40 (Grand Finals) Dangerous Dads & Co vs Killer Bananas Connor RCa